Zalando is Europe's leading online fashion platform and one of the largest players in the world. I'm part of the Size & Fit team, creating the future of online fashion shopping by placing volumetric data into the customer experience. While I can't give much information before the launch of the new products, you can read more about it on Medium or below.

The challenge

When online shopping, people have to choose the size of their clothes without trying, touching, or seeing them in real life. Although every garment has a size label, there is no standard across countries, brands, and sometimes even different collections of the same brand. How might we support customers to choose the right size the first time they order?

I believe this is one of the few challenges that have clear positive sustainability impacts on all stakeholders. Customers will have a smoother and happier experience by receiving something that fits them the first time, the environment will benefit from fewer returned orders, and companies will reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Although everyone benefits from solving this problem, there is one reason no one cracked it yet: it is incredibly complex to digitally convey information that is essentially volumetric and belongs to the physical world. Enter design and cutting-edge technology.


Together with a team of designers, engineers, product managers, business analysts, and data scientists, I use cutting-edge technology to design new experiences that improve the customer experience, connecting the dots across all these disciplines. User testing and prototyping – in many levels of fidelity and with different software – are at the core of what I do.


I work on different initiatives that tackle distinct aspects of the online sizing challenge. Through vision projects, I help create the ideal experience we want to provide customers and then build the path towards it step-by-step.

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