Who am I?

I am a Brazilian Product and Interaction Designer based in Berlin. I have a background in visual design and a decade of experience working with real-world problems. I prototype early to test my assumptions as quickly as possible, and I'm passionate about innovation and finding meaningful ways to use emerging technologies in design.

My never-ending desire for learning has led me to take a sabbatical in 2019 and do the one-year Interaction Design Programme at CIID - Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. This career move helped me in plenty of ways: I learned how to work in multidisciplinary teams of international people, I became an ever better prototyper, and I learned how to deal with ambiguity and move forward even when the outcome (or the problem!) is not yet clear.

At CIID, I completely embraced the “yes, and” mindset, and I believe teams perform best when there is a shared sense of creation. I also acquired many skills I use to solve problems creatively and create delightful experiences that people love to use. I can find the right tool, from low to high-fidelity, to move a concept forward by prototyping and co-creating with people.

Recently I started to write my thoughts on design on Medium, so you can also check that out and let me know what you think.

What about non-design stuff?

Other than designing things, you might find me scuba diving, traveling (and traveling to scuba dive), experiencing new cultures and new cuisines (which are often so connected), drinking good coffee, or homebrewing beer.

Work life in a nutshell

Principal product designer at Delivery Hero - Germany


Senior product designer at Zalando - Germany


Senior product designer at Babbel - Germany


Interaction designer (freelancer) at CIID - Denmark


Design supervisor at Court of Auditors of the Federal District - Brazil


Senior designer at BRB - Bank of Brasília - Brazil

Academic life in a nutshell

MA in Interaction Design at CIID - Denmark


Master in Interaction Design at University of Brasília - Brazil


Bachelor in Industrial Design with a concentration in visual design at University of Brasília - Brazil