Babbel has a long history as a language learning app, and Live is a new product to expand its ecosystem with online classes with real teachers and classmates. I joined Babbel Live in July 2020 during the early development of the product. I was the only product designer in the agile team, so I was responsible for designing the end-to-end experience of our different users while using Babbel's design system.


Babbel Live aims to give learners an outstanding online language learning experience with expert teachers. Live leverages Babbel's existing self-study app to provide learners a way to prepare for upcoming online classes and later to review what they learned. All of this while supporting learners in choosing the right class for themselves. My task is to design a product that works and delights different users on their learning journeys.


Live has different kinds of learners, with varying levels of experience in language learning. We give the right amount of guidance to our learners, so they have agency over their learning journey with our support.

Target audience

Babbel Live is suited for all learners, whether they are current Babbel users or are not interested in self-study apps. With Live, learners can start a new language from scratch and get fluent in it.


The team's UX researcher frequently collects feedback from our users, which helps us identify pain-points and prioritize discovery work on what needs to be improved. Occasionally, I also did qualitative research as talking to users helps me immensely in my design process. I created prototypes with varying levels of fidelity to get different kinds of input from people, which supports me in iterating concepts until finding the right solution.

Doing qualitative user research to empathise better with users

I also constantly interacted with the engineering team to find the best way to implement my designs considering our capacity, users' pain-points, and impact.


Using an iterative approach and always considering users' feedback,  Live was launched to the general public on February 1st, 2021. The product is receiving an outstanding evaluation from our users and great media coverage, such as this TechCrunch article.

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